Our favourite camping activities (that are pretty in-tents)

It’s summer time, and you know what that means! It’s officially camping season (also mosquito season, but we won’t talk about that). Throughout these beautiful months, there are many activities to partake in, but we’ve compiled a list of our absolute favourites that you’ll want to consider for your next camping extravaganza.

More s’mores
Is it really a camping trip if you don’t eat at least one s’more? We’ll give you a little hint; it’s not. Just don’t stick that marshmallow directly in the flame, and you’ll be good to go.

Hit the beach
Sometimes, when it’s plus 30 degrees, going to the beach is the only viable option. We recommend you load up on the sunscreen (skin health is very important), water, and all the sandcastle-building materials you can find. Life’s a beach, isn’t it?

Hiking + biking
For the more active individual, hiking and biking are great ways to pass the time during the months of July and August. From beginner to expert, there are many trails and areas in this province that are perfect for all skill levels. Check out Trails Manitoba for an extensive list of the hottest spots in the province: http://www.trailsmanitoba.ca/

Catch that trophy fish
We know fishing isn’t for everyone, but this is a summer activity that can actually be a lot of fun (or relaxing if the fish aren’t biting.) Whether your fishing goal is to catch some z’s on the boat, or to become a master angler, we highly recommend this classic activity.

All the games
Rainy days call for board games and card games. Make it fun and organize a tournament with family and friends. Just remember, winning isn’t everything… most of the time.

This is a great summer activity for outdoors and nature lovers! What is geocaching, you may ask? It’s an international scavenger hunt, where you use a GPS to locate hidden treasures or ‘caches’. Caches are usually loaded with goodies, which are free to take, just make sure you leave something for the next person! Learn more and make an account here: https://www.geocaching.com/play/search

Before you go…
Before you embark on your camping adventure, insurance is a must. Not only do we provide boat and trailer insurance, but also insurance for your boat’s trailer, and extension products for your trailer through our friends at Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance. (AKA extra coverage!) Contact us today and we’ll be sure to get you set up in no time.