Staying safe this September long

As an insurance brokerage, safety of our clients is always a top priority. And with a much-loved long-weekend holiday in our midst, we want to ensure you’re not only having fun but keeping safe too. We’ll run through some quick safety tips, that’ll hopefully keep you unscathed and unharmed. (You know, without taking away the fun that September long brings each year to Canadians!).

Boating Safety

If you’re headed out to the lake this upcoming long weekend, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself on a boat. Just like a car, a boat has to abide by speed limits, plus there must be enough lifejackets or Personal Flotation Devices for each person on the watercraft. In addition, the driver cannot be drinking alcoholic beverages; however, passengers 18 and over (while in Manitoba) may indulge If:

  • The boat has a cooking facility.
  • There’s a sleeping cabin.
  • There’s a toilet.
  • The boat is anchored.

Off-Road Vehicle Safety

Perhaps you’re interested in a little off-roading adventure on your long weekend holiday? We commend you on your thirst for exploration, yet with any adventure safety must come first! We highly recommend you wear a helmet, follow proper trail etiquette, avoid alcohol and drugs while operating an ORV, and use hand signals when around others. Of course, these are just a few quick tips, but you can learn more from Manitoba Public Insurance here:

Driving Safety

Whether you’re driving across country, to the lake, or just down the street; getting to your long weekend destination in one piece is definitely something that’s important. It’s crucial to plan out your destination carefully, such as by taking road and weather conditions into consideration, stopping regularly for breaks on long trips, and, as always (you guessed it!), not drinking and driving.


Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen. And when they do, making sure you have coverage and protection can offer a little bit of comfort in a less than ideal situation. Insuring your car, home, business, and life with our knowledgeable, friendly client service representatives is quick and easy. So, if you do hit a bump in the road, your friends at Brio Insurance will be there for you. Contact us today. We’d love to chat!