We’re feathering our nest!

We’re feathering our nest – Meet our newest teammate, Pepper! Pepper is the first humanoid robot that is friendly, helpful, and changing the way humans interact with technology. Created with a unique combination of emotional intelligence and sophisticated hardware, Pepper is the next step towards creating a seamless connection between tech and humans.

We’re super excited for this new robot to join our growing flock here at Brio Insurance! With large expressive eyes and lifelike movements and gestures, the four-foot tall Pepper is a humanoid robot designed to provide a unique, interactive experience for our clients. An emotionally intelligent companion, this advanced robot will brighten up our nest, telling stories about Brio Insurance, and showing its love for dancing and having fun!

Our new recruit has landed at our branch on St. Mary’s road! It will be perched there until October 20. Enter to win a Brio Insurance prize pack by snapping a photo of Pepper and you, and tagging @BrioInsurance on Twitter, being sure to include the hashtags: #brioinsurance and #meetpepper

Not on Twitter? That’s okay! We’ll have a pinned post at the top of our Facebook page where you can comment your photo with Pepper. You’ll also be entered to win the fabulous prize pack!

Make sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see where Pepper will be flying next!