Giving Back

Our expertise isn’t all Brio Insurance wants to contribute to our community! Giving back to our community by supporting local charities and initiatives is really important to us.

How to apply

All sponsorship and funding requests must be made either using the donation (for silent auction / in-kind support) or the sponsorship applications below. Please note, we do not accept emailed or paper applications and they will not be considered.

Branches review in-kind donation requests on an on-going basis, while we review sponsorship applications twice a year after the following deadlines:

  • January 31 (for spring / summer projects, events, or initiatives)
  • July 31 (for fall / winter projects, events, or initiatives)

We will contact all applicants via email prior to the date you've requested funding for. No late applications will be considered.


While we wish we could fund everyone and everything, it unfortunately just isn’t possible. Funding consideration will be given to organizations, charities, or special events that fit the following criteria:

  • Promotes wellness
  • Serves communities in or around our Brio Insurance locations
  • Current clients of Brio Insurance or are willing to become clients

If you meet the criteria above, there are a few other things that we’re looking for:

  • A partnership that provides exposure to an audience of at least 100 individuals
  • Multiple and unique marketing and / or recognition opportunities
  • The value requested reflects the exposure / recognition provided to Brio Insurance
  • Title sponsorship positioning and / or industry exclusivity where possible
  • Long-term partnership opportunities

We will not consider applications:

  • Where only one individual benefits
  • That are for-profit organizations
  • That do not focus on wellness

While we appreciate all requests and thank applicants for thinking of Brio Insurance, unfortunately, we cannot support all applicants (though, it would be wonderful if we could!).

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