Car Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

When you register a motorcycle, the basic coverage is $200,000 liability and a $500 deductible for collision only. Comprehensive coverage (coverage for theft, hail damage, vandalism, etc.) isn’t automatically included. No fear! There are extension products you can purchase to add more coverage.

  • Liability of $1, $2, $5, $7, or $10 million.
  • Lower collision deductible of $300, $200, or $100.
  • Comprehensive deductible of $200 or $500.
  • Loss of use coverage – level 1, 2 or 3.
    • Provides you with a set amount of money to rent a replacement vehicle in case yours is in an accident.
  • New / leased vehicle protection for a brand-new or one model-year-old motorcycle. 
  • Increased max insured value (MPI will only pay up to $50,000 on a total loss. If your vehicle is worth more, you need to buy up the value).