Driver’s Licensing

New Drivers

Ah, learning how to drive. It’s a magical time, like a little bird leaving its nest for the first time… Okay, maybe driving isn’t QUITE the same as a baby bird flying, but it is pretty freeing.

Before you get behind the wheel and see what we’re talking about, before you even go to Drivers Ed, you’ll need to become a client of Manitoba Public Insurance. You can do that at your favourite Brio Insurance location, but you can’t send mom or dad in your place (if you’re under 18 years old, you’ll still need a parent or guardian with you).

Becoming an MPI client

To become a client of MPI, we have to establish your identity in MPI’s database. We’ll need original documents that satisfy requirements proving your:

  • Birth date
  • Legal name
  • Signature
  • Photograph
  • Entitlement to be in Canada
You’ll also need two documents that prove that you live in Manitoba and your physical address. To help you figure out which documents you can bring, check out this list. The most common combination of documents that new customers bring in are:
  • Valid Canadian passport, Manitoba Health card, and bank statement
  • Canadian birth certificate, Manitoba Health card, and guarantor form

Photo time

When you come in to sign up for Drivers Ed, you’ll have your photo taken. This will be your form of ID for the next five or so years until it’s time to get a new photo. We highly recommend planning a bit ahead and not coming in right after the gym.