Driver’s Licensing

Driver’s Licensing

Brio Insurance is an authorized Autopac agent. Stop by to renew, change, or sign up for a driver’s license.

Autopac Renewals

Is it time to renew your license? Manitoba Public Insurance requires drivers to come to an Autopac agent (like Brio Insurance) once every five years to renew their licenses. For the other four years, you can choose to pay in person or online. 

When you come in to renew your license, we’ll update your photo and review your plan.

Changes to your license

If at any time you wish to cancel or change your driver’s license, come into Brio Insurance and we’ll help you out. If you move, you need to come in to change your address. When you do, we will have to retake your photo (even if you got it done last year).

New drivers

New to driving? Click here for more information about signing up with MPI.