Travel Insurance

Why do I need travel insurance?

Accidents and illness happen all the time and going on a trip doesn’t make you immune to that. The coverage you have at home doesn’t always extend to your trip, which is why travel insurance is so important.

You could be out at the lake and have a heart attack or break your leg and need an ambulance to get to the hospital. If you’re out of your home province, many government healthcare plans don’t cover many incidentals, like an ambulance ride and out of pocket expenses. For that Canada Only Coverage is available.

You could be travelling in the USA and suddenly get a bacterial infection that requires a stay in the hospital. Provincial medical plans don’t cover the hefty costs of medical care in the USA. Without a plan like Worldwide Travel Insurance, you’d be responsible for covering the costs. 

You could be travelling in Europe and get hurt in an accident. You need an emergency surgery and after the surgery you need to return home early.  Since you have to return early you lose a good portion of your pre-paid trip cost. With trip interruption coverage your pre-paid expenses would be covered.