Meet the team: Lisa Huys

Hi guys! Lisa Huys here. I am a homeowners and Autopac insurance agent here at Brio Insurance on St. Mary’s Road. That means I get to help clients, like you, with their individual insurance needs, such as tenant, home, rental property, and condo.

I’ve been working in insurance for four years. I have a warm and friendly personality and a great knack for breaking down what coverages means so my clients can understand their policies in regular terms. For example, when you read ‘all perils’ it can seem a bit off-putting and confusing. However, I would tell you that ‘all perils’ simply means that all risks are covered in your insurance unless otherwise excluded, which provides you with broader coverage on the policy. You could also have a policy with ‘named perils’ which means the risks covered are specifically listed, which provides very limiting coverage for the insured.  

When you come to visit me, I want insurance to seem less daunting so I try to break it all down. It takes time to understand coverage, and you have other things on your mind and important things to do. So, I’m here to be your insurance translator.

Of all the insurance, I particularly like working with home policies. It’s a great way for me to learn a little snippet of my clients’ lives and build a relationship with them. I feel honoured that I get to help clients feel safe and secure and that my knowledge and expertise can help them. I am all about building a connection with my clients so I can better serve them.

A bit about me (Lisa Huys!)

Since I get welcomed into my clients’ lives, here’s a bit about me. I am a creative soul. I like singing, dancing and drawing. I’m also very active and love teaching yoga or going to a class for myself. I love going on walks with my three-year-old Alaskan Malamute, Attikis. He loves to cuddle on the couch and, of course, loves a trip to the dog park. I believe I can conquer any challenge as long as I feel the support of my family and friends. So, if I was alone on a deserted island, I would bring along pictures of my family and friends to help me feel grounded.

One last reason to come to Brio

What makes Brio Insurance special is its inviting atmosphere and our engaging team. Being approachable as a company is super important to us. We want our clients to feel comfortable coming to us with questions. We also like to have some fun, both in our offices (like when we decorate for Halloween) and online with our adventures of Petey Instagram account (Petey is the bird in our logo). You should definitely check us out on Facebook and Instagram @brioinsurance to follow along.

If you have any questions about your personal insurance policies or are ready to get coverage set up, please give me a call at our St. Mary’s office. I hope to chat soon.