Meet our team: Tiffany Shandroski

Tiffany Shandroski loves being a mom. She has two kids, a 5-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son. Tiffany admits that like any siblings, they can fight at times, however, being just 11 months apart they really are best friends. Most of the time they are inseparable. When the weather is nice, Tiffany will find her kids playing games they made up outside in the yard. They love to pretend to be zombies, or cops and robbers. It’s always a joy to see their creativity come out with their games.

If they are stuck inside,  you may find the Shandroski family playing a game of Mouse Trap or Guess Who. Tiffany’s youngest is a Guess Who master. And when the day is winding down, they all cosy up together to read books from school – sometimes up to 10 books a night!

When she’s not in mom-mode, Tiffany is working hard for her clients at Brio Insurance. She has been working in the insurance industry for over 11 years and part of the team in Steinbach since 2018. She works in personal lines, meaning she can help you with insurance for your home, apartment, condo, small farm, and special events, and from time to time, auto and travel coverage!

Tiffany knows that protecting the things you love it so important. For her, making sure her kids are safe and happy is always top of mind. Letting them play, create, and learn is part of it, but behind the scenes, she knows having good insurance for her home and belongings is a must. In the end, this helps you. Tiffany can take her experience as a mom and her 11 years in the industry to really support her clients.

“I always think outside the ‘nest’,” says Tiffany. “I put myself in my clients’ shoes so I can provide them with exemplary customer service.

Whether or not you have children, there are things in your life you love. You can trust that Tiffany will help you find the coverage you need for whatever it is.