Renew your car insurance from the comfort of home.

Renewing your car insurance from the comfort of home is quick and easy. Get started by calling an office near you or filling in the form below to request a follow-up.

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Remote Autopac transactions
You’re busy, it’s cold out, and you don’t really want to go out more than you need to. We get it. Thankfully, due to COVID-19, Manitoba Public Insurance is temporarily allowing some Autopac transactions to be completed over the phone. Meaning you can renew and pay for your car insurance from home.

Remote transactions include:

  • New registration and policy application
  • Renewal of an expiring / expired driver’s license (including photo)
  • Reapplication of a lapsed driver’s license
  • Driver’s license replacement
  • Vehicle insurance coverage renewal, reassessment, reactivation, or reapplication
  • Transfer of policy
  • Payments


Ask us about SMI

Whether you are 18, 45, or 80 years old, you can get car insurance add-ons (extensions) based solely on your driving record from Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance (SMI). That means you could save yourself a few bucks (or more) every year.

  • Rates based on your driving record.
  • Included rental car coverage with loss of use extension.
  • Coverage transfers with the driver, not the vehicle.
  • Support from Brio Insurance if you need to make a claim.
Friendly insurance experts with a human touch

Our friendly insurance experts are here to make sure you get the coverage you need and that you actually understand what that coverage is. Fill in a quote request with details about your needs and one of our team members will be in touch shortly.

Patricia Enright
Auto Insurance Specialist
Patricia Enright
Auto Insurance Specialist