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Get the best insurance for your classic car with Hagerty Insurance, available at your local Brio Insurance broker.

Collector and classic car insurance

Hagerty Insurance has some of the best classic car coverage and you can get it from your local Brio Insurance.

  • Receive ‘agreed value’
  • No deductible for total loss claims
  • No appraisal needed
All you need to know about classic car insurance.
What kind of protection do I get with Hagerty?
Do I need a classic car coverage appraisal?
Does Hagerty consider my good driving record?

With Hagerty classic car insurance, you’ll receive ‘agreed value.’ In case of a covered total loss, you are guaranteed to be paid the full agreed-upon value (as stated on your policy). No deductible is applicable in total loss claims.

Nope. With expert advice, combined with data from auctions and private sales, we’ll give you the most accurate and up-to-date values, eliminating the need for those darn expensive appraisals.

Yes! Since Hagerty Insurance only protects good drivers and classic vehicles that aren’t driven every day, you’ll get lower rates as an added benefit.

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