Get car insurance that fits your driving style.

You deserve options when it comes to your auto insurance. Because an all-the-time-can’t-live-without-my-car driver and an I-only-drive-to-the-grocery-store driver don’t need the same coverage.

Manitoba base auto coverage

In Manitoba, you need to get your base auto coverage from MPI ($750 deductible and $500,000 in liability coverage). From there, you have three main options.

  • Recreational coverage (for those who only drive once in a while).
  • All-purpose coverage (for those who drive to work / school).
  • Commuter coverage (for those who drive into a bigger city for work).
Additional coverage options

Need more coverage? Check out these insurance add-ons (called ‘extensions’ in the insurance world). These can be from Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) or Sandbox Mutual Insurance (SMI).

  • Lower deductibles of $500, $300, $200 standard and $200 plus
  • Additional liability of $1, $2, $5, $7, or $10 million.
  • Loss of use coverage.
  • New / leased protection.
  • Increased max insured value (MPI will only pay up to $70,000 on a total loss, so if your vehicle is worth more, you need to buy up the value).
  • Income Replacement Indemnity (IRI) extension coverage.
Save with SMI auto insurance.

Whether you are 18, 45, or 80 years old, you can get car insurance add-ons (extensions) based solely on your driving record from SMI. That means you could save yourself a few bucks (or more) every year.

  • Rates based on your driving record.
  • Included rental car coverage with loss of use extension.
  • Coverage transfers with the driver, not the vehicle.
  • Support from Brio Insurance if you need to make a claim.
Ready for customized car insurance?

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