We take better pictures.

It’s time to renew your driver’s license and get a license photo you’re happy to show off — that means it’s time to visit Brio Insurance, an authorized Autopac agent. Our staff want you to leave with a photo you love, so we’ll retake it again and again until you’re happy — although we’re sorry, no smiling allowed.

RETAKING your driver’s license photo after it’s printed.

If you absolutely hate your driver’s license, you can come in to have it retaken anytime, for a $10 charge. We will try to avoid this from happening by showing you your photo when you renew and retaking it until you’re satisfied.

Ask us how you can save on auto insurance.

While you’re visiting, ask us how you can save on your auto insurance and about your other insurance options.
Brio Insurance is a full-service insurance broker after all.

No time to come in? Request an online quote.

Cancelling, changing, or updating your driver’s license.

If at any time you wish to cancel or change your driver’s license, come into Brio Insurance and we’ll help you out.

When you move within Manitoba, you need to change your address within 15 days. If not, you could be fined for having an outdated license. Just a heads up, when you visit Brio Insurance to update your license, we will have to retake your photo. Yes, even if you just got it done recently.

New drivers

The first step to driving in Manitoba: become a client of Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI). You can do this at your local Brio Insurance office with the help of some personal documents:

  • Valid Canadian passport, Manitoba Health card, and bank statement OR
  • Canadian birth certificate, Manitoba Health card, and guarantor form

Keep in mind, you can’t send anyone on your behalf to become an MPI client, and, if you are under 18 years old, you will need to have a parent or guardian with you.

Renew your driver’s license at Brio Insurance.

Need to renew your driver’s license? Stop in at Brio Insurance, an authorized Autopac agent. See you soon.

Norma Hiebert
VP, Brio Insurance
Norma Hiebert
VP, Brio Insurance