Camping insurance tips + where to camp this summer

One of our favourite summer activities would have to be camping. Why is it so great?  Well, it can mean so many different things. Whether you’re roughing it in a tent with no electricity or running water, or have all the latest technology in your 2019 RV (or maybe somewhere in between), camping is an activity loved by many all over the province. We’re here to let you know some of our top four favourite spots in Manitoba (and maybe a few camping insurance tips along the way.)

Birds Hill Provincial Park    

Close to Winnipeg with modern campsites and a beautiful man-made beach, the choice to camp at Birds Hill is easy. The park also boasts family-friendly events and the world-class Winnipeg Folk Festival. Plus, if you’re a beginner at this whole camping thing, the proximity to the city is definitely an added bonus.

  • Camping insurance tip #1: Consider extension products (aka extra coverage) for your car or trailer from our friends at Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance. This could include additional collision, comprehensive, and liability coverages.  
Big Whiteshell

Situated in Whiteshell Provincial Park and nestled in the picturesque Canadian Shield, Big Whiteshell Campground is somewhere you definitely need to check out. Some sought after features include a large dock and boat launch, beautiful hiking and biking trails, and other amenities like a tennis court and playground. 

  • Camping insurance tip #2: If your trailer is blocked and skirted, you’ll need a home insurance policy. (Luckily, we can help you out with that!)
Great Woods Park  

Who would have thought you can camp in the amazing community of Beausejour? One option includes Great Woods Park, where you can partake in activities such as canoeing (a must on the Brokenhead River!), swimming, hiking, fishing, and attending a variety of local events.

  • Camping insurance tip #3: Get friendly and knowledgeable service at our brand new Beausejour branch. We officially opened as of June 1 at 635 Park Avenue.
Grand Beach

An irresistible white sandy beach (complete with boardwalk) and on Manitoba’s largest lake are reasons enough to camp at Grand Beach Provincial Park. Although if that’s not enough, drive to the community of Grand Marais next door and visit museums, grab groceries, or dine at some lovely local restaurants.

  • Camping insurance tip #4: None of these Manitoba destinations tickle your fancy? No problem! If you’re choosing to camp out of the province, make sure you come to see us about travel insurance options. For example, if you’re camping in Ontario, you’ll want Canada Only Coverage to cover incidentals that many government healthcare plans don’t offer.