What to pack in your emergency driving kit

With snowy weather around the corner, it’s time to make sure your winter emergency driving kit is ready. Whether you’re driving within city limits or around provincial highways, having these essential items in your car is a must. Do we sound like your mom yet?

Your emergency kit checklist

This small collection of items can help keep you and your passengers safe in case you get in an accident or drive into a ditch (it happens!).

You can buy a kit or grab a duffle bag to put one together yourself. Either way, take a look at our list below to make sure your emergency driving kit has what you need. There are so many options at the stores and not all have everything, so you might need to add a few extras items to your kit.

Here’s what a good car emergency kit should have.

  1. Flashlight with a plastic flare attachment
  2. A blanket
  3. First-aid supplies
  4. Waterproof matches
  5. Candle
  6. Warm socks, toque, and good mitts
  7. A pair of boots
  8. Reflective road cones
  9. Snacks (like energy bars)
  10. Water bottles

We also suggest that you keep jumper cables and a good shovel in your trunk. Make sure you know how to use the jumper cables as well.

Where to keep your winter driving kit?

You want to be able to easily grab your kit if you get in an accident. So, the trunk of your car isn’t the best spot for it. Rather, try to your kit on the floor of your backseat, at least during the winter. Bonus if your kit comes with Velcro on the bottom to make it stick to the carpet.

It is a good idea to keep the emergency kit in your car year-round, but once the snow melts you can move it to your trunk.

How often should you review your kit?

You should look through your kit at the beginning and end of the winter. A check every six months is a good rule of thumb. When you’re looking at your emergency kit, make sure to replace the flashlight batteries, water bottles, and snacks so they are fresh.

Tip: Download and print off a copy of our list to keep with your winter driving emergency kit. That way you can easily check if you have everything you need.