Five vacation planning tips for your best vacation ever

Life always seems a bit better with a few fun trips in the future. To make sure you have the best vacation ever, you’ll want to spend a bit of time planning. To help you out, here are five vacation planning tips for your future holiday.
Fly home on a weekday

Although it’s nice to add to your vacation with an extra weekend, flying home on a weekday can usually save you some cash. In particular, it’s usually cheaper to fly home on a Thursday or Friday than a Sunday. On the flip-side, starting your vacation on a Sunday or Monday is also cheaper.

Before you have your dates set in stone, check the flight prices around the days you’re considering flying. You may be surprised at the price difference between a day or two.

Pre-book your rental car

If you need a rental car on your vacation, book it now. Book it so far in advance that you forget you booked it and have to go double-check. Do not leave booking a rental car up to your friend or significant other. Do it yourself and rest easy. (Yes, we’re speaking from experience here. But trust us, you do not want to start your vacation by finding out the airport is out of cars. Book that rental car now!)

Bonus vacation planning tip: It’s likely more affordable to get your rental car insurance from Brio Insurance than the rental car company. Plus, you may already have rental car coverage with your car insurance!

Read the reviews and then take them with a grain of salt

Obviously, if a restaurant you’re looking to eat at or a hotel you’re looking to stay at has mostly bad reviews don’t go. What we mean is don’t let the little negatives that will pop up in a review hold you back from going there. A lot of the time those negatives are personal preference or highly situational. Read the reviews, get the gist and then decide for yourself if you’re sold.

Pre-book must-do activities

Once you’ve read more reviews than you can keep track of (partly because you didn’t listen to tip three and fixated on the little negatives) make a list of your must-do-activities and book them. This vacation planning tip is important because there are two reasons to book things you really want to do in advance:

  • They sell out
  • It could slip your mind and you’ll regret it when you get home

It’s also important to make sure you don’t book all your time up. Leave time to discover things, sit and relax, eat, sleep, and do something just because.

The most important vacation planning tip of them all: Don’t leave without travel insurance

This is the most important vacation planning tip and not because we sell travel insurance here at Brio Insurance. Without proper travel insurance, you could be left footing a very big bill if you get hurt. Just ask yourself, would you be okay with having to take out a second mortgage to cover your medical costs?

No? Cool, we didn’t think so. Give us a call or stop by and we can make sure you’re covered so the awesome vacation you’re about to go on doesn’t turn into a financial crisis.

If you already have travel insurance with work but aren’t sure if it’s enough, stop by or give a call and we’ll take a look with you.