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Meet the team: Tiffany Shandroski
Mar 01, 2020
Tiffany Shandroski loves being a mom. She has two kids, a 5-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son. Tiffany admits that...
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Client story: 1JustCity
Jan 13, 2020
Why did we choose to come to Brio Insurance? 1JustCity is an organization that supports Winnipeg’s most vulnerable, so...
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Buckle-up your income — ask us about MPI’s income replacement indemnity
Jan 01, 2020
Are you a resident of Manitoba who makes more than $101,000? Yes? Well, let’s chat! If you’re hurt in...
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Meet the team: Brendan Mitchell
Dec 13, 2019
Meet Brendan Mitchell, a lover of hockey (he’s played almost his entire life) and a Brio Insurance commercial insurance...
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What to pack in your emergency driving kit
Dec 06, 2019
With snowy weather around the corner, it’s time to make sure your winter emergency driving kit is ready. Whether...
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Client story: High Tea Bakery
Nov 12, 2019
I joined Brio Insurance back in 2018. I chose to get a quote with Brio Insurance initially based on...
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Meet the team: Carole Oucharek
Nov 06, 2019
You get insurance to protect the things that are important to you, from your home to an heirloom from...
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3 reasons why you need restaurant insurance from Brio Insurance
Oct 06, 2019
Like any great business owner, you want to make a profit at your restaurant. It’s no secret. And right...
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Meet the team: Nathan Kaprawy
Sep 06, 2019
With ten years of experience, a Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker designation (CAIB for short!), and a whole bunch of...
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