Meet the team: Jaye Langdon

Jaye Langdon, Auto Insurance specialist Jaye Langdon is a lady of many talents. Before getting into the auto insurance industry, Jaye worked as a radio and TV personality for over 30 years! You may have heard her on-air as Courtney James. She started out in radio in Kenora and Dryden, Ontario before coming back to work in Winnipeg. To our count, Jaye has worked on-air at seven different radio stations, doing both music shows and reporting the news. She was also on the Board of Directors for CJNU Nostalgia Radio. You may still hear Jaye on air as she does freelance voiceover work and volunteers with CJNU Nostalgia.

Jaye likes to keep busy and admits she may be a bit of a workaholic. If she has any downtime (which is rare), she likes to watch the news (once a news reporter, always a news reporter!) She also loves the outdoors. She planted a little veggie and herb garden this year and has been biking to work this spring and summer since gyms are closed. It’s a 10k round trip!

Now, how did this once radio personality and TV reporter transition into insurance, you may ask?

“When I retired from radio a friend of mine owned an insurance company,” Jaye shared. “I went for a coffee and a visit one day, and I came out with a job!”

Jaye thought she was just going to help answer the phones, but her friend knew she was great with people and she ended up studying for, and passing, the insurance exam. The rest is history!

Why come to Brio Insurance for auto insurance?

Jaye has been with Brio Insurance since September 2019 as an auto insurance specialist. Since she’s all about the auto insurance, we asked her why come to Brio Insurance for car coverage when there are so many options out there?

“Sure, you can go anywhere to do your car insurance,” said Jaye. “But why not come somewhere that feels welcoming and friendly? The staff at Brio is amazing and when you get to know the people you work with, you feel more comfortable and trusting.”

Since you can do a lot of insurance transactions over the phone, knowing and trusting your broker can make a call to complete your coverage much more comfortable. On top of all that, when you come to Brio the team will take the time to update you on changes in the insurance world.

“A lot of people don’t understand that MPI is constantly updating, changing, and improving coverages,” said Jaye. “While clients say to us ‘just keep the insurance the same,’ I always try to inform and educate them that keeping the same coverage is easy but it isn’t always the best thing for their situation. Just a couple extra minutes of information can make a big difference and maybe even save you money in the long run.”

So, if you need to update or sign up for car insurance, come chat with Jaye Langdon at the St. Mary’s office. She loves to talk to her clients (about insurance or life) and really does have your best interests at heart.