Travelling again? Here’s what you need to know about travel insurance in 2021

Don’t think you need travel insurance? Think again.

Travel insurance could be the difference between a carefree vacation and one that ends up with you owing thousands of dollars, and it can help when your perfectly planned trip takes an unexpected turn for the worst. It’s better to prepare with insurance than wishing you had.

Not convincing enough for you? Picture this. You need emergency surgery after a paragliding accident totalling bills of $69,800 USD. With an all-inclusive insurance plan, you’d only pay $105 CAD.

Need another example? At the start of your trip, you get an infection requiring two days of hospitalized care. This short visit to the hospital could cost $8,000 USD out of your pocket. With an emergency hospital and medical plan for $49, you could rest up and carry on with the rest of your trip.

Both these examples are from real tourists who prepared with travel insurance. So, in our opinion, yes, travel insurance is worth the investment and peace of mind. Don’t risk it; enjoy your trip worry-free.

What does travel insurance cover?

As a Canadian, your provincial or territorial insurance plan only covers you at home. (When you leave your home province, your provincial health plan only covers up to the limits that you would normally have in your home province. Ambulance, return of vehicle, and air ambulance are not covered). Travel insurance will cover medical emergencies, cancellations, delays, and lost or damaged belongings, regardless of where you are vacationing.

Policies differ from plan to plan, so it’s a good idea to know all the terms and conditions for the package you choose.

With TuGo, we offer a variety of insurance plans:
  • Emergency medical
  • COVID-19 – For vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers
  • Visitor to Canada medical
  • All-inclusive holidays
  • Non-medical
  • Trip cancellation and interruptions
  • Accidental death and dismemberments
  • Baggage and rental cars
Who can buy travel insurance

Most individuals, starting from the age of 15 days old, are eligible for travel insurance. Even if you have a complicated medical history, we may still be able to provide coverage for you.

When to buy travel insurance

It’s best to buy your travel insurance as soon as you plan your trip. Travel Insurance is the most important item to take on your travels. If you purchase your coverage early, you have more options through various providers, and we can find you the best coverage for the best price.

Can you get travel Insurance after leaving Canada?

Yes, you can, but only with a few travel insurance companies. It’s best to buy your travel insurance early as you have the most options when you’re in your home province.

What does travel insurance cost?

Many travellers skip out of insurance because they don’t want the extra expense, but what they don’t realize is how affordable it is. Purchasing insurance typically costs around three to eight percent of your trip budget.

Compared to thousands of dollars of potential medical bills, it’s worth including it as part of your budget right from the start.

Who needs short-term travel insurance?

The answer is easy. Everyone. Even if you’re planning a short trip across the border, it’s a good idea to get coverage. A lot can go wrong in 48 hours, and we want to help you feel safe and stress-free knowing you’re protected with whatever may come your way.

With TuGo, we offer a great two-day annual plan where you are covered for two-day long trips for a whole year. This plan is perfect for a quick shopping trip across the border or spontaneous weekends away. The emergency medical multi-trip plan takes little time to set up and is a great value for all ages.

Are you expecting visitors to Canada?

If you have family coming to Canada or moving back, ensure they have coverage. With TuGo Allianz, we offer medical insurance for visitors and new residents waiting for their health cards.

We want visitors’ time in Canada to be fun and stress-free. By preparing with insurance, they avoid the potential burden of unexpected medical bills.

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How to get the most out of your travel insurance

Now that you know the risk of skipping travel insurance, we want to help you get the most from your policy.

The sooner you buy insurance, the larger your coverage window is. The best time to buy coverage is now.

Ensure you know your plan and it satisfies you, as each insurance plan has different terms and conditions. Make sure you pick one that suits your needs. (That’s where we can help!)

When in doubt, contact Brio Insurance. We are happy to answer any of your travel insurance questions and figure out which plan works for you.

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