Using your cellphone – do’s and don’ts

If you haven’t heard, the Manitoba government will soon be cracking down a little harder on those using their phones or other handheld devices while driving. The Conservative government hopes to introduce a three-day license suspension for first-time offenders and seven-day suspensions for the second. Currently, the penalties for distracted driving are a $200 ticket AND five demerits.

We all know driving while using a handheld device is extremely dangerous and could put your life and others’ lives in danger. The simple answer is: don’t do it.

This got us wondering, where and when can we use our phones? And where and when shouldn’t we?

Using your phone – the don’ts
  • While driving. (Duh!)
  • In the bathroom. (That’s just gross.)
  • And on that note… in the bathtub… especially if your phone is plugged in.
  • At work, when you should be working.
  • On a first date. (Unless they took you to McDonalds, then call a cab.)
  • In class, cause school is very important.
  • At a concert. Trust us, you’ll enjoy it way more if you aren’t filming it the whole time.
  • At the movies. Don’t be that guy.
  • And we can’t stress this enough, do not use your phone while driving any motor vehicle, bicycle, horse, (or unicorn?). It really isn’t worth it.
Using your phone – the do’s
  • On the bus. Who wants to look out the window anyways?
  • While waiting in line, cause that’s boring.
  • If you are watching a movie at home and you just can’t figure out who that actor is.
  • Taking photos with your friends or family. You’ll be happy to have the memories one day.
  • While you’re working out. (Listening to music with headphones can really help get you in the zone.)
  • On vacation! (And hey, we offer travel insurance too. Check it out here!)
  • Alone in your home is A-Okay!
  • When you’re at home and want to get in touch with an old friend.
  • And of course, to visit! (Provided it’s safe to do so.)